What is Etymologeek?

A free multilingual dictionary that not only shows word histories but also draws them.

How to find etymologies?

The best way is just to try typing a word into the search bar above. If the quick suggestions you get are not enough, hit Enter on your keyboard to get the full results.

Some interesting English words you may want to try are: arrogance, birthday, ciao, dance, data, function, jeopardize, king, law, manipulation, master, mirror, moon, phantom, picture, police, python, solidarity, weapon and many others.

What language can you search in?

You can can search Etymologeek in hundreds of languages! Our search bar above will search across all of them (unless you choose to limit the search by selecting the search option above).

Here are some of our biggest languages with their number of etymology entries:

  1. English - 298,828 words
  2. German - 58,860 words
  3. Latin - 53,064 words
  4. Finnish - 51,841 words
  5. Italian - 50,256 words
  6. French - 41,744 words
  7. Russian - 38,591 words
  8. Hungarian - 38,530 words
  9. Dutch - 30,898 words
  10. Portuguese - 22,604 words

Hope you learn a thing or two by browsing our etymologies!