> About is a new kind of an etymology dictionary launched in late 2018, aiming to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly quick-lookup multilingual online etymology dictionary in the world.


A distinguishing feature of is that we use etymology trees (directed graphs) to show the etymological history and relationships of each word.

Moreover, we try to show extensive information and descendants of our words, which is reinforced by filtering in order to make this data more interesting.

How is data licensed?

The etymology data is licensed under the CC BY-SA license. We aim to actively encourage people to use etymological data in other projects and we are willing to help them in doing so!

Where is data derived from?

Our data is primarily derived from Wiktionary, the free multilingual dictionary, although we have made changes to the Wiktionary data by recombining it from different sources, performing extensive data filtering and making corrections and modifications where we were able to find mistakes or things to improve. We draw inspiration from and use the tool called Etytree by Ester Pantaleo for etymological data extraction.

Do you guarantee data quality?

We do not. Our data is largely automatically derived from free sources, and heavy automatic recombinatory operations are performed. We cannot guarantee the quality of the original data source, the accuracy of our filtering operations and our ability to spot and correct mistakes and inaccuracies as appropriate.

That said, we are actively working to constantly improve data accuracy. Some of our data is checked by humans and carries a mark showing that.

However, ultimately, all the data is prone to inaccuracies and we take no responsibility for your use thereof (sorry). At this point, we think may be good as the first source of etymology information but not as the final source of it.

Who is behind this website?

The website was made by Linas and Alexey, the original creators and authors of Cooljugator, in cooperation with Ester, the author of Etytree.

How to contact you?

Please write to us at