Wealas etymology

Old English word Wealas comes from Latin Volcae, Proto-Celtic *wolkos, and later Old English wealh (Celt, Welshman; foreigner. Slave, serf.)

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Detailed word origin of Wealas

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
Volcae Latin (lat)
*wolkos Proto-Celtic (cel-pro)
*walhaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Foreigner, a non-Germanic person (a Celt, later also a Roman).
wealh Old English (ang) Celt, Welshman; foreigner. Slave, serf.
Wealas Old English (ang) Wales.

Words with the same origin as Wealas

Descendants of Volcae
Cornwealas Wealhþeow Wealhþēow walhhnutu walhnutu wealh welisc wielisc wilisc wylisc wælisc