aconseguir etymology

Catalan word aconseguir comes from Latin con-, Latin sequi

Detailed word origin of aconseguir

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con- Latin (lat) Used in compounds to indicate a being or bringing together of several objects. Used in compounds to indicate the completeness, perfecting of any act, and thus gives intensity to the signification of the simple word.
sequi Latin (lat)
consequor Latin (lat) (of discourse) I am equal to, attain, impress fully, do justice to. (of sight) I reach, distinguish. I become like or equal to someone or something in any property or quality; equal, match, attain, come up to. I copy, imitate; adopt, obey. I follow as a consequence, ensue, result, arise or proceed from. I follow or come after in time. I follow, follow up, go after, attend, accompany, pursue. [...]
aconseguir Catalan (cat) To arrive (at a place), to get (to a place). To catch, get. To hit (e.g. a target). To manage, succeed. To obtain, get, get hold of.

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Descendants of con-
començar company complet complir comprar comptar compte comte comú conduir coneixement conscient consciència consell construir conte content contracte convèncer conèixer costum cosí cuidar descobert
Descendants of sequi
amb segones cantimplora execució i i comercial i grega preqüela secundari segon seguir següent seqüencial seqüència soci social societat vint-i-cinc vint-i-dos vint-i-nou vint-i-quatre vint-i-set vint-i-sis vint-i-tres vint-i-un vint-i-vuit