capdamunt etymology

Catalan word capdamunt comes from Catalan cap, Catalan damunt

Detailed word origin of capdamunt

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cap Catalan (cat) Anyone, (in questions and suppositions) , example que en falta cap? ("is there anyone missing?"). None, not one (usually with no or other negative particle) , example no n'hi ha cap de maduixa ("there is not any strawberry flavoured one") (heraldry) chief. Boss, chief, leader. Cape (piece of land). Head Any, (in questions and suppositions) , example que hi falta cap peça? ("is there any [...]
damunt Catalan (cat) Above. After. On. On top of. Over Also. Before. Close. On top.
capdamunt Catalan (cat) Top, peak; highest point.

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acabar acabar de