cuidar etymology

Catalan word cuidar comes from Latin agito, Latin co- ((intensifier). Together, with.)

Detailed word origin of cuidar

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agito Latin (lat) (of animals) I hunt, chase, pursue.. (of cattle) I drive, conduct; tend, control.. (of the mind) I am occupied with, devise, contrive, plot, design, intend.. (of the mind) I drive at something in the mind; turn over, study, weigh, consider, meditate upon.. (of time) I pass, spend.. (with sat (enough) and genitive) I have enough to do, have trouble with, I am fully engaged in.. I am engaged [...]
co- Latin (lat) (intensifier). Together, with.
cogito Latin (lat) I consider, ponder. I think.
cuidar Old Provençal (pro) To believe. To think.
cuidar Catalan (cat) To care for, to take care of.

Words with the same origin as cuidar

Descendants of agito
agitar cogitar
Descendants of co-
apertura coagular cobert cobertura cobrebanyera cobrecalze cobrellit cobrent cobreobjectes cobretaula cobrir coneixent conèixer cooperar cortesà coàgul descobert obert obrir quall quallar