dissenyar etymology

Catalan word dissenyar comes from Latin signo (I mark, sign. I seal, stamp.), Latin de- (De-.), Italian segnare

Detailed word origin of dissenyar

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signo Latin (lat) I mark, sign. I seal, stamp.
de- Latin (lat) De-.
segnare Italian (ita) (transitive) to mark, to indicate, to signal; (of timepieces and other instruments) to say, to read, to give. (transitive) to mark, to scratch, to dent. (transitive) to mark, to tick, to brand, to draw, to line. (transitive) to note down, to write down, to take down. (transitive, sports) to score.
designo Latin (lat) I appoint or elect. I earmark or choose. I indicate or denote. I mark. I order or plan. I outline or describe. I trace out.
disegnare Italian (ita) (transitive) to design, style. (transitive) to draw, outline, trace.
dissenyar Catalan (cat) To design.

Words with the same origin as dissenyar

Descendants of signo
dissenyador ensenyar signar
Descendants of de-
debilitat decapitar decebre decidir decisió declarar decret deducció deduir delicat demanar demostrar descendent descripció descriure desitjar despullar destruir detenció detenir determinar deure deute dèbil