eixir etymology

Catalan word eixir comes from Latin eo, Latin evanescere, Latin de

Detailed word origin of eixir

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eo Latin (lat) (business) I go for; I am sold at (a certain price).. (intransitive) I go.. (legal) I accede, go over to the opposing opinion or other side in voting.. I prepare (for some action); I set about.. I proceed, advance.. I result, happen as a consequence.
evanescere Latin (lat)
de Latin (lat) (Late Latin) of persons. From, away from, down from, out of; in general to indicate the person or place from which any thing is taken, etc., with verbs of taking away, depriving, demanding, requesting, inquiring, buying; as capere, sumere, emere, quaerere, discere, trahere, etc., and their compounds.. From, away from, to indicate the place from which someone or something departs or [...]
e Latin (lat) out of, from The name of the letter E.
exeunt Latin (lat)
eixir Catalan (cat) To exit. To quit.

Words with the same origin as eixir

Descendants of eo
començar inici perir reeixir transitiu transitivament èxit òbit
Descendants of de
assaig dins dissenyar dèbil efecte elecció elegant en endins enlloc enrere esquer evidència evitar examen examinar execució exemple existir expedient on quan sovint