popular etymology

Catalan word popular comes from Latin populum, Latin -aris, and later Latin popularis (Compatriot, comrade Popular (by, of or for the people).)

Detailed word origin of popular

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populum Latin (lat)
-aris Latin (lat) Used to form an adjective, usually from a noun, indicating a relationship or a pertaining to.
popularis Latin (lat) Compatriot, comrade Popular (by, of or for the people).
populaire French (fra) People's, as in People's Republic of China (in French: République Populaire de Chine).. Popular (liked by many people). Popular (relating to the people) Populace, the people.
popular Catalan (cat) Popular (of the common people). Popular (well-known, well-liked).

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Descendants of -aris
addicional arterial cerebral condicional dental electoral escolar excepcional familiar governamental nacional ocasionalment ocular particular penal pop postal professional professionalment provisional provisionalment solar titular vulgar