pujar etymology

Catalan word pujar comes from English futtock, Proto-Indo-European *pṓds (Foot.), Proto-Indo-European *póds

Detailed word origin of pujar

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
futtock English (eng) (nautical) Any of the curved timbers that form the ribs of a ship.
*pṓds Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Foot.
*póds Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
ποδός Ancient Greek (grc)
πόδιον Ancient Greek (grc)
podium Latin (lat) Balcony, especially in an amphitheater.
*podiare Latin (lat)
pujar Catalan (cat) (intransitive) to get in, get on (a vehicle). (intransitive) to grow up, shoot up. (intransitive) to rise (get to a higher level). (intransitive) to rise, go up, ascend, climb up. (transitive) to build up (increase the height of something). (transitive) to climb, climb up (a wall, ladder etc.). (transitive, Internet) to upload.

Words with the same origin as pujar

Descendants of *pṓds
Despuig Espuig Puig Puigdemont Puigmitjà Puigpei Pujol Pujolar complex d'Èdip dempeus empaitar empatxar expedient pet petar petja peu peó poll pollancre pollet pollós pop pujolista
Descendants of *póds
Puigbalador Puigcerdà Puignau Pujal Vilapuig podi puig pujolisme Èdip