solar etymology

Catalan word solar comes from Latin solem, Latin -aris, and later Latin solaris ((figuratively) sunny. Of or pertaining to the sun, solar.)

Detailed word origin of solar

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
solem Latin (lat)
-aris Latin (lat) Used to form an adjective, usually from a noun, indicating a relationship or a pertaining to.
solaris Latin (lat) (figuratively) sunny. Of or pertaining to the sun, solar.
solar Catalan (cat) Solar.

Words with the same origin as solar

Descendants of solem
sol sol coronat sol ixent sol ponent
Descendants of -aris
addicional arterial cerebral condicional dental electoral escolar excepcional familiar governamental nacional ocasionalment ocular particular penal pop popular postal professional professionalment provisional provisionalment titular vulgar