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German word Macher comes from German -er, German machen.

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-er German (deu) Forms agent nouns etc. from verbs, suffixed to the verb stem.. Indicating something defined by a number; in the plural often all numbers with the same first digits Forms invariable adjectives indicating origin from a place, or association with a place.. Forms nouns indicating an inhabitant of a place, or a person originating from a place. Used to form the plurals of some nouns.
machen German (deu) (transitive) to make; to produce; to create an object, arrangement, situation etc.. (transitive) to prepare (e.g. food, drinks). (transitive) to take (a photo). (transitive, colloquial) to matter (only impersonally). (transitive, informal) to do (to perform an action). (transitive, informal, colloquial) to come to; to total; to cost (prices). (transitive, informal, colloquial) to earn; to [...]
Macher German (deu) ; maker (male or of unspecified sex; one who makes; person or thing that makes or produces something).