Spalier etymology

German word Spalier comes from Latin -ola, Latin spatham

Detailed word origin of Spalier

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ola Latin (lat)
spatham Latin (lat)
spatula Latin (lat) (Late Latin) a scapula (shoulder blade).. (Late Latin) a spoon or spatula (kitchenware).. A broad, flat piece.. A little palm frond.
spalla Italian (ita) (anatomy, cut of meat, portion of a garment) shoulder. (in the plural) back. (theatre, comedy) straight man, second banana. Back, rear. Sidekick, second fiddle.
spalliera Italian (ita) (agriculture) espalier. (gymnastics) wall bars. Back (of a chair, sofa etc). Bedhead (of a bedstead). Footboard (of a bedstead).
Spalier German (deu)