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You are viewing the etymology of weh meaning: (Interjection Adjective) Alas! woe! Sore, painful.Alas! woe! Sore, painful.. You may also see other German etymologies of weh.
German word weh comes from Westrobothnian meg, Proto-Indo-European *uai, and later Proto-Germanic *wai (Woe! alas! (expression of grief).).

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meg Westrobothnian (gmq-bot) Me (first-person accusative and dative singular personal pronoun).
*uai Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*wai Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Woe! alas! (expression of grief).
Old High German (goh)
weh German (deu) Alas! woe! Sore, painful.