-iferous etymology

English word -iferous comes from English -ferous, English -i-

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-ferous English (eng) Used to form adjectives from nouns, containing the specified material. Used to form adjectives from nouns, producing the specified material.
-i- English (eng) (pharmacology) a monoclonal antibody derived from a non-human primate source (in coining neologisms) A vowel inserted interconsonantally between morphemes of Latinate origin in order to ease pronunciation (an anaptyxis, a linking vowel).
-iferous English (eng)

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Descendants of -ferous
amentiferous balsamiferous bariferous berylliferous carboniferous ceriferous culmiferous dentiferous diamondiferous ferriferous gelatiniferous gemmiferous gemmuliferous glanduliferous granuliferous iodiferous manganiferous molybdeniferous palladiferous pruniferous quartziferous tantaliferous tungsteniferous unguiferous zinciferous
Descendants of -i-
-ious Trumpistan acidimeter asbestiform bloviate bloviation bloviator cylindriform dolabriform equi- falciferous falciform falciformity natiform nyctinastic nyctinasty nyctitropism scienticide sensigenous sicilicus tumorigenic zymosimeter