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English word Afghanization comes from English -ization, English Afghan

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-ization English (eng) A suffix forming nouns denoting the act, process, or result of doing something, or of making something.
Afghan English (eng) A breed of dogs, the Afghan hound.. A person from Afghanistan or of Afghan descent.. A person of Pashtun ethnicity or of Pashtun descent. (UK, military slang). Pashto, a language primarily spoken by Pashtun people in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan. Of, from, or pertaining to Afghanistan.. Of, from, or pertaining to the Pashtun ethnic community.
Afghanization English (eng) Language shift to Pashto. Mass immigration/colonization of Pashtun people into a specific area (e.g. Peshawar has been Afghanized, displacing the Hindko culture).. The gradual process of returning control of Afghanistan to the people of that country.. Non-Pashtuns assimilating into the Pashtun culture.

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Ghan afghanite