Afropunk etymology

English word Afropunk comes from English Afro- (African.), English punk

Detailed word origin of Afropunk

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Afro- English (eng) African.
punk English (eng) (especially with "out") To give up or concede; to act like a wimp.. To forcibly perform anal sex upon an unwilling partner.. To pimp.. To prank. (countable) A juvenile delinquent; a young, petty criminal or trouble-maker; a hoodlum; a hooligan.. (countable) Any worthless person.. (countable, sometimes as informal plural punx) A person who belongs to that movement and/or listens to that [...]
Afropunk English (eng) Punk music or subculture with black African influences.

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Afrocentric Afrocentrically Afrodescendant Afrodiaspora Afrodiasporic Afrofuturism Afromontane Afropessimist Afrophobe Afropop Afrotropic Bosno- Bulgaro- Croato- Ibero- Illyro- Rhaeto- Scando- Siamo- Teuto- Yugo- afrobeat afrothere afrotherian
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