Americentric etymology

English word Americentric comes from English America, English -centric

Detailed word origin of Americentric

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
America English (eng) The United States of America.. The Americas.. A female given name..
-centric English (eng) Having a specified number of centres. Having a specified object at the centre, or as the focus of attention.
Americentric English (eng) Having a North American focus or bias.

Words with the same origin as Americentric

Descendants of America
Amasia Amerikkka Amerikkkans Amerithrax Ameritopia Euramerica Generica Islamerica Merica Mesoamerican Mexamerica Weimerica altho americium americium bromide amero hangover hi icky pimpmobile tho thru wardrobe malfunction
Descendants of -centric
Afrocentrically Christocentric Danocentric Hibernocentric Scotocentric Swedocentric acrocentric androcentric autocentric ciscentric cybercentric egocentric endocentricity excentric heterocentric holocentric idiocentric jovicentric lipocentric matricentric metrocentric nucleocentric omphalocentric somatocentric