Anglophony etymology

English word Anglophony comes from English -phony (Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.), English Anglo- (Anglo-Saxon. England, English.)

Detailed word origin of Anglophony

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-phony English (eng) Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.
Anglo- English (eng) Anglo-Saxon. England, English.
Anglophony English (eng) The use of the English language.

Words with the same origin as Anglophony

Descendants of -phony
anthrophonic anthrophony autophony biophonic biophony bronchophony echophony egophony euphonic euphonious euphony geophonic holophony homophony laryngophony micropolyphonic nonpolyphonic orthophony photophony pleophony polyphonic polyphonically polyphony stereophony
Descendants of Anglo-
Anglocentric Anglomania Anglophile Anglophobe Anglophobia Anglophone Angloromani Anglosphere WASP WASPish WASPization WASPy non-WASP