Christicide etymology

English word Christicide comes from English Christ, English -icide

Detailed word origin of Christicide

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Christ English (eng) (arts) A figure or other artistic depiction of Jesus Christ. An expletive. (Christianity) A title given to Jesus of Nazareth, seen as the fulfiller of the messianic prophecy; often treated as a personal name.. A surname​.. The anointed one or messiah predicted in the Hebrew Bible.
-icide English (eng)
Christicide English (eng) (rare) One responsible for the death of Christ.. (rare, uncountable) The killing of Christ.

Words with the same origin as Christicide

Descendants of Christ
Antichrist Nicene Creed antichrist christfag crikey gadzooks
Descendants of -icide
Islamicide adulticide amœbicide anaerobicidal anaerobicide attracticidal attracticide culturicidal culturicide elephanticide femicide geronticide humanicide lousicide muscicide pediculicide roboticide slimicide sporicide termiticide weedicide