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English word Cowtown comes from English cow, English toon

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cow English (eng) (transitive) To intimidate; to daunt the spirits or courage of. Found primarily in the passive voice. (biology) A female member of other large species of mammal, including the bovines, moose, whales, seals, hippos, rhinos, manatees, and elephants.. (derogatory, informal) A woman considered unpleasant in some way, particularly one considered nasty, stupid, fat, lazy, or difficult.. (formerly, [...]
toon English (eng) (Geordie) A town. A southeast Asian and Australian tree (Toona ciliata or Toona australis) of the mahogany family with fragrant dark red wood and flowers that yield a dye.. The wood of this tree. (Can we verify([ [...]
Cowtown English (eng) (Canada, slang) The city of Calgary, centre of the Canadian cattle industry.

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