Dick etymology

English word Dick comes from Old Norse Eiríkr (A male given name..), Malayalam Richardus, Latin Ricohardus, Frankish *Rīcohard, Latin Richardus

Detailed word origin of Dick

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
Eiríkr Old Norse (non) A male given name..
Richardus Malayalam (mal)
Ricohardus Latin (lat)
*Rīcohard Frankish (frk)
Richardus Latin (lat)
Eric English (eng) A male given name..
Erica English (eng) A female given name..
Richard Old French (fro)
Rycharde Middle English (enm)
Richard English (eng) (rare, _, compared to given name) A patronymic surname​.. A male given name..
Rick English (eng) A male given name., or sometimes of related names, such as Ricardo.. A surname​.
Dick English (eng) A male given name., also used as a formal given name.. A surname​.

Words with the same origin as Dick

Descendants of Eiríkr
Dick's hatband Dickerson Dickin Dickison Dickson Diggens Dix Erica Hickson Higgon Icke Pritchard Reacher Rich Ricki Rickson Ricky Ritch Ritson dick dickens dickhead dickite hick little Dick
Descendants of Ricohardus
Dickeson Dixson Hicking Hickling Higgs field Higson Hixon Richard Rickard Rix Rixon clever dick dicktionary swinging dick