Indophile etymology

English word Indophile comes from English Afro- (African.), English -phile

Detailed word origin of Indophile

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
Afro- English (eng) African.
-phile English (eng) Forming nouns and adjectives meaning "loving", "friendly", or "friend".
Indophile English (eng) Someone who loves India, Indian culture, cuisine, religions, history or its people.

Words with the same origin as Indophile

Descendants of Afro-
Afrocentric Afrocentrically Afrodescendant Afrodiaspora Afrodiasporic Afrofuturism Afromontane Afropessimist Afrophobe Afropop Afropunk Afrotropic Bosno- Bulgaro- Croato- Ibero- Illyro- Rhaeto- Scando- Siamo- Teuto- Yugo- afrobeat afrothere afrotherian
Descendants of -phile
Hungarophile Londonphile Turcophile Xenaphile amphiphile capnophile coprophile entomophile gerontophile infracaninophile mesophile necrophile oenophile parthenophile pedophile pianophile pronucleophile psammophile redophile scopophile siderophile spankophile tobaccophile toxophile