Jewland etymology

English word Jewland comes from English Jew, English -land

Detailed word origin of Jewland

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Jew English (eng) (pejorative) A miserly or greedy person; a spendthrift; a cheapskate.. A member or descendent of the Jewish people.. An adherent of Judaism. (offensive) (used in certain set phrases like Jew's harp, Jew's harpist and Jew's-trump).
-land English (eng) Used to form the name of a sphere of activity or interaction.. Used to form the name of a territory, country, or region.
Jewland English (eng) (colloquial) Any territory occupied largely by Jewish people.

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Descendants of Jew
Hinjew edjewcation jew down jewbush jewstone refujew
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Aggieland Bechuanaland Chinkland Facebookland Fireland Germanland Gondwanaland Igboland Italian Somaliland Lapland Laplandic Maoriland Meyerland Naziland Onionland Somaliland Summerland Swahililand Switzerland Vacationland movieland slumberland slumland techland