Minoan etymology

English word Minoan comes from Ancient Greek Κρήτη, and later Latin Creta (Crete.)

Detailed word origin of Minoan

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Κρήτη Ancient Greek (grc)
Creta Latin (lat) Crete.
Crete English (eng) (archaic) A Cretan. One of the 13 peripheries of Greece; an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
Μίνως Ancient Greek (grc)
Minoan English (eng) Of or relating to the ancient language of the Minoans which died out by the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE.. Of or relating to the civilization that developed in Crete from the neolithic period to the Bronze Age (about 3000-1050 BCE).. Of or relating to the writing systems (Linear A and Linear B) used in Crete and later in mainland Greece. A Cretan who belonged to the Minoan [...]