Octomom etymology

English word Octomom comes from English mom ((Canada, US, West Midlands, colloquial, familiar) mother.), English octo- (Eight.)

Detailed word origin of Octomom

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mom English (eng) (Canada, US, West Midlands, colloquial, familiar) mother.
octo- English (eng) Eight.
Octomom English (eng) (informal) American woman Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009.

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Descendants of octo-
isooctane octane octanedione octanol octoate octobass octobassist octobrachiate octocellular octocentenary octochamp octocoral octodentate octofoil octolateral octolocular octonaphthene octopetalous octophone octopole octoradiated octospermous octoword septopus