Proterozoic etymology

English word Proterozoic comes from English -zoic, English protero- (First, earliest, early.)

Detailed word origin of Proterozoic

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-zoic English (eng) Relating to some specified form of animal existence. Relating to some specified geologic period.
protero- English (eng) First, earliest, early.
Proterozoic English (eng) (geology) Of or relating to the geologic eon from 2,500 Ma to 541.0±1.0 Ma. (geology) The eon from 2,500 Ma to 541.0±1.0 Ma, the beginning of the Phanerozoic, marked by the build up of oxygen in the atmosphere and the emergence of primitive multicellular life.

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Descendants of -zoic
Anthropozoic Archaeozoic Archeozoic Cenozoic Cryptozoic Mesozoic Paleozoic azoic ectozoic epizoic holozoic hypozoic saprozoic
Descendants of protero-
proterodynamic proteroglyph proterogynous proterokinetic