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English word Proto-Semitic comes from English Semitic, English proto-

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Semitic English (eng) The Semitic languages in general. (biblical) Of or pertaining to the descendants of Shem, the eldest of three sons of Noah.. (in particular) Of or pertaining to the Israeli, Jewish, or Hebrew people.. Of or pertaining to a subdivision of Afro-Asiatic Semitic languages: Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac, Akkadian, Hebrew, Maltese, Tigrigna, Phoenician etc.. Of or pertaining to any of the [...]
proto- English (eng) (chemistry) Relating to protons and/or positive charge.. (linguistics, genetics) most recent common ancestor (often hypothetical) of. First.
Proto-Semitic English (eng) The hypothetical protolanguage of Semitic languages.

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chitin chitinaceous chitinase chitinization chitinlike chitinoid chitinolysis chitinous chiton delta delta particle delta wing deltidium lipochitin philosemitic polychitin
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Proto-Albanian Proto-Austric protagon proto protoaspidistrin protobulge protocanonical protocerebral protochlorophyllide protocorm protoculture protodeacon protofeminist protoflexus protogalaxy protogenic protometal protomodernism protooncogenic protoscience protosolar protosun prototype protowriting