Python etymology

English word Python comes from Ancient Greek Πυθώ, Ancient Greek Πῡθώ

Detailed word origin of Python

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
Πυθώ Ancient Greek (grc)
Πῡθώ Ancient Greek (grc)
Apollo Spanish (spa)
Πύθων Ancient Greek (grc)
Python English (eng) (Greek mythology) The earth-dragon of Delphi, represented as a serpent, killed by Apollo.. (computing) A high-level interpreted programming language invented by Guido van Rossum. (informal) The British comedy troupe Monty Python. A member of the comedy troupe Monty Python: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones or Michael Palin; referred to collectively as The Pythons.

Words with the same origin as Python

Descendants of Πυθώ
PyCon PyGTK PyPI PyPy PyQt PyS60 Pygame Pythia Pythoneer Pythonesque Pythoness Pythonista pythiad python pythoness pythonlike