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English word Quotron comes from English -tron, English quote

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-tron English (eng) Used as a gender-neutral suffix as an alternative to -ter or -tress. Used to name a number of elementary particles. Used to name a number of machine learning algorithms. Used to name a number of particle accelerators. Used to name various electronic devices.
quote English (eng) A price set for a financial security or commodity.. A quotation mark.. A quotation, statement attributed to someone else.. A summary of work to be done with a set price. (Commerce, transitive) To name the current price, notably of a financial security.. (archaic) To observe, to take account of.. (intransitive) To indicate verbally or by equivalent means the start of a quotation.. [...]
Quotron English (eng) (computing, finance) A computer system or service that provides stock market quotations.

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Descendants of -tron
alphatron cosmotron crossatron cryotron cyclotron gyrotron ignitron isotron krytron magnetron mellotron microtron minirhizotron orgasmatron photosynthetron plasmatron positron positronic reflectron rhizotron surfatron synchrotron trigatron waitron
Descendants of quote
quotability quotable