Saran Wrap etymology

English word Saran Wrap comes from English vinylidene, English chloride

Detailed word origin of Saran Wrap

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vinylidene English (eng) (chemistry) any carbene in which the carbenic carbon is attached to another atom with a double bond R2C=C:.
chloride English (eng) (chemistry) any salt of hydrochloric acid, such as sodium chloride, or any binary compound of chlorine and another element or radical.
vinylidene chloride English (eng) (chemistry) The halogenated unsaturated organic compound 1,1-dichloroethene, CH2=CCl2; used in the preparation of polyvinylidene chloride film.
Saran Wrap English (eng) (US) A thin, clear, (self-)clinging plastic film used to wrap food, etc.

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