Silicon Prairie etymology

English word Silicon Prairie comes from English prairie, English silicon

Detailed word origin of Silicon Prairie

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prairie English (eng) An extensive area of relatively flat grassland with few, if any, trees, especially in North America.
silicon English (eng) (chemistry, countable) A single atom of this element.. (chemistry, uncountable) A nonmetallic element (symbol Si) with an atomic number of 14 and atomic weight of 28.0855.
Silicon Prairie English (eng) The area of high-tech businesses around Schaumburg, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; or Ames, Iowa.

Words with the same origin as Silicon Prairie

Descendants of prairie
Canadian Prairies Prairie Cree Prairie Provinces Prairie School Prairie Spy Prairie State Prairie style
Descendants of silicon
Cwm Silicon Silicon Alley Silicon Fen Silicon Forest Silicon Glen Silicon Hills Silicon Savannah Silicon Sentier Silicon Valley Silicon Wadi Silicone Valley silico- silico-aluminate silico-borocalcite silico-fluate silico-magnesian silico-skeletal silicobenzoic silicoborate silicoflagellate silicomanganese silicomolybdic acid