Switzerland etymology

English word Switzerland comes from English -land, English Switzer

Detailed word origin of Switzerland

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-land English (eng) Used to form the name of a sphere of activity or interaction.. Used to form the name of a territory, country, or region.
Switzer English (eng) A surname​. A Swiss Guard.. A native or inhabitant of Switzerland, a Swiss person.
Switzerland English (eng) A sovereign country in south central Europe. Official name: Swiss Confederation.

Words with the same origin as Switzerland

Descendants of -land
Aggieland Bechuanaland Chinkland Facebookland Fireland Germanland Gondwanaland Igboland Italian Somaliland Jewland Lapland Laplandic Maoriland Meyerland Naziland Onionland Somaliland Summerland Swahililand Vacationland movieland slumberland slumland techland
Descendants of Switzer
Swiss Swiss German Swiss cheese Swiss dagger Swiss-cheesed