TEA-TEB etymology

English word TEA-TEB comes from English TEB (((C₂H₅)₃B). (B(C₂H₅O)₃). (C₆H₃(C₂H₅)₃).), English TEA

Detailed word origin of TEA-TEB

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TEB English (eng) ((C₂H₅)₃B). (B(C₂H₅O)₃). (C₆H₃(C₂H₅)₃).
TEA English (eng) (US, politics) Taxed enough already. (countable, Northern Ireland) Training and employment agency.. (uncountable).
TEA-TEB English (eng) (rocketry) A pyrophoric mixture used as an ignition fluid in rocket engines. The mixture is used with liquid oxygen (LOX) engines, wherein upon contact with the LOX oxidizer flow, it combusts, igniting the rocket fuel (frequently kerosene or RP-1) that is mixed with the oxidizer flow.