acanthamoeba etymology

English word acanthamoeba comes from English amoeba, English acanth- (With thorns.)

Detailed word origin of acanthamoeba

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amoeba English (eng) (biology) A member of the genus Amoeba of unicellular protozoa that moves by means of temporary projections called pseudopodia.. (mathematics) The graph of the real part of the logarithms of a polynomial equation in complex numbers.. (slang) An asexual.
acanth- English (eng) With thorns.
acanthamoeba English (eng) Any amoeba of the genus Acanthamoeba, found chiefly in soil. [First attested in the mid 20th century.].

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Descendants of amoeba
amoebiasis amoebic amoebocyte amoeboid
Descendants of acanth-
acanthella acanthoid