acceleratable etymology

English word acceleratable comes from English -able, English accelerate

Detailed word origin of acceleratable

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-able English (eng) Able to be done; fit to be done.. An adjectival suffix; forms adjectives meaning:. Due to be.. Giving, or inclined to.. Relevant to or suitable to, in accordance with.. Subject to.
accelerate English (eng) (rare) Accelerated; quickened; hastened; hurried. (intransitive) Grow; increase.. (intransitive) To become faster; to begin to move more quickly.. (obsolete). (transitive) To cause to move faster; to quicken the motion of; to add to the speed of.. (transitive) To hasten, as the occurrence of an event.. (transitive) To quicken the natural or ordinary progression or process of.. (transitive, [...]
acceleratable English (eng) Capable of being accelerated.

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Descendants of -able
accountable available dependable disposable enjoyable fashionable lovable predictable regrettable remarkable valuable
Descendants of accelerate
accelerant accelerative accelerator accelerometer linac