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English word accreditation comes from English -ation, English accredit

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-ation English (eng) A state or quality. An action or process. The result of an action or process.
accredit English (eng) (transitive) To ascribe; attribute; credit with.. (transitive) To believe; to put trust in.. (transitive) To certify as meeting a predetermined standard; to certify an educational institution as upholding the specified standards necessary for the students to advance.. (transitive) To enter on the credit side of an account book.. (transitive) To put or bring into credit; to invest with credit [...]
accreditation English (eng) (education) The granting of approval to an institution of higher learning by an official review board after the school has met certain requirements.. The act of accrediting.. The giving of credentials.

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aspiration aspirational authorization cancellation characterization flirtation fragmentation gravitate instrumentation ionization legalization manipulation oxygenation pigmentation realisation realization relaxation retardation sanitation socialization specialization starvation synchronisation transportation