accumulation etymology

English word accumulation comes from English accumulate, English -ion

Detailed word origin of accumulation

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accumulate English (eng) (intransitive) To grow or increase in quantity or number; to increase greatly.. (transitive) To heap up in a mass; to pile up; to collect or bring together (either literal or figurative) (poetic, rare) Collected; accumulated.
-ion English (eng) (non-productive) a state or condition. (non-productive) an action or process, or the result of an action or process.
accumulation English (eng) (accounting) The continuous growth of capital by retention of interest or savings.. (finance) The action of investors buying an asset from other investors when the price of the asset is low.. (legal) The concurrence of several titles to the same proof.. A mass of something piled up or collected.. The act of amassing or gathering, as into a pile.. The process of growing into a heap or a large [...]

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Descendants of accumulate
accumulable accumulative accumulativeness accumulator bioaccumulation bioaccumulative decumulate
Descendants of -ion
addiction amputation aspiration assassination castration concentration concussion dedication disintegration dissection electrocution escalation immigration infarction liquidation litigation menstruation prevention regression regulation reincarnation retaliation sophistication urination