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English word acetoacetyl comes from English aceto-, English acetyl

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aceto- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Containing a methyl group bonded to a carbonyl group. e.g. acetophenone. (organic chemistry) Containing a methyl group bonded to a carboxyl group.
acetyl English (eng) (organic chemistry) The univalent radical CH3CO- derived from acetic acid.
acetoacetyl English (eng) (organic chemistry, especially in combination) The univalent radical CH3CO-CH2CO- derived from acetoacetic acid.

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Descendants of aceto-
acetanilide acetoacetate acetoacetic acetoamide acetoarsenite acetocarmine acetogen acetogenic acetohydroxamic acetohydroxamic acid acetokinase acetolactic acetolytic acetometer acetonitrile acetopathy acetophenazine acetophenone acetosoluble acetotartrate acetovanillone acetowhitening aminoacetophenone chloroacetophenone
Descendants of acetyl
ASA acetamidase acetamide dichloroacetamide fluoroacetamide iodoacetamide thioacetamide