acetolysis etymology

English word acetolysis comes from English -lysis (Decomposition or breakdown. Disintegration. Dissolving.), English aceto-

Detailed word origin of acetolysis

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-lysis English (eng) Decomposition or breakdown. Disintegration. Dissolving.
aceto- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Containing a methyl group bonded to a carbonyl group. e.g. acetophenone. (organic chemistry) Containing a methyl group bonded to a carboxyl group.
acetolysis English (eng) (organic chemistry) The breakdown of an organic compound using either acetic acid or acetic anhydride.

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Descendants of -lysis
acantholytic acetolytic atmolysis autohydrolysis autoproteolysis biolysis cerumenolysis chemolysis chromatolysis elastinolysis electrolysis endoproteolysis glycohydrolysis heterolytic homolysis hydrolysis karyolysis karyolytic lipolysis neurolysis octanolysis oncolysis onycholysis tenolysis
Descendants of aceto-
acetanilide acetoacetate acetoacetic acetoacetyl acetoamide acetoarsenite acetocarmine acetogen acetogenic acetohydroxamic acetohydroxamic acid acetokinase acetolactic acetometer acetonitrile acetopathy acetophenazine acetophenone acetosoluble acetotartrate acetovanillone acetowhitening aminoacetophenone chloroacetophenone