acroagnosis etymology

English word acroagnosis comes from English acro- (Extremity. Peak. Sharp. Tip.), English agnosis

Detailed word origin of acroagnosis

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acro- English (eng) Extremity. Peak. Sharp. Tip.
agnosis English (eng) Epistemologically necessary lack of, indifference to, denial or shunning of, or defective knowledge.
acroagnosis English (eng) (pathology) The loss of the sensory recognition of a limb.

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Descendants of acro-
acroanaesthesia acroasphyxia acrobrachycephaly acrocallosal acrocephaly acrocyanosis acrocyanotic acrodermatosis acrodrome acrodysplasia acrofacial acrognosis acrohyperhidrosis acrolect acroleukopathy acromelalgia acropathy acrophase acrophobia acrophony acrophyte acropigmentation acrosyndesis beth