acrobrachycephaly etymology

English word acrobrachycephaly comes from English acro- (Extremity. Peak. Sharp. Tip.), English brachycephaly

Detailed word origin of acrobrachycephaly

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acro- English (eng) Extremity. Peak. Sharp. Tip.
brachycephaly English (eng) (pathology) A congenital condition wherein the skull is flattened front-to-back, so that the head is short and broad.
acrobrachycephaly English (eng) (pathology) A form of craniosynostosis.

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Descendants of acro-
acroagnosis acroanaesthesia acroasphyxia acrocallosal acrocephaly acrocyanosis acrocyanotic acrodermatosis acrodrome acrodysplasia acrofacial acrognosis acrohyperhidrosis acrolect acroleukopathy acromelalgia acropathy acrophase acrophobia acrophony acrophyte acropigmentation acrosyndesis beth