acrogen etymology

English word acrogen comes from English -gen (A producer of something, e.g. hydrogen.), English acro- (Extremity. Peak. Sharp. Tip.)

Detailed word origin of acrogen

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-gen English (eng) A producer of something, e.g. hydrogen.
acro- English (eng) Extremity. Peak. Sharp. Tip.
acrogen English (eng) (biology) any flowerless plant whose growth takes place at the tip of the main stem, especially the cryptogam ferns.

Words with the same origin as acrogen

Descendants of -gen
androgen antiflorigenic carcinogen carcinogenic chalcogenide comedogenic estrogen gasogen hallucinogen hallucinogenic litogen melanogen morphogen mutagen narced neogen nitragin nitrogen organogen osteogen procarcinogen pruritogen pyrogen zymogen
Descendants of acro-
acroagnosis acroanaesthesia acroasphyxia acrobrachycephaly acrocallosal acrocephaly acrocyanosis acrocyanotic acrodermatosis acrodrome acrodysplasia acrofacial acrognosis acrohyperhidrosis acrolect acroleukopathy acromelalgia acropathy acrophase acrophobia acrophony acrophyte acropigmentation acrosyndesis beth