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English word active comes from Proto-Italic *agō (Do, act. Drive. Push, impel.), Proto-Indo-European *h₂eǵ-, Proto-Indo-European *h₂eǵʰ-

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*agō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Do, act. Drive. Push, impel.
*h₂eǵ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to drive, plough animal
*h₂eǵʰ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) plough animal
ago Latin (lat) (of offerings) I slay, kill (as a sacrifice). (of plants) I put forth, sprout, extend. (of time) I pass, spend. I accomplish, manage, achieve. I chase, pursue. I discuss, plead, deliberate. I do, act, make, behave. I drive at, pursue (a course of action). I drive, conduct. I guide, govern, administer. I perform, transact. I push, move, impel. I rob, steal, plunder, carry off. I stir up, [...]
activum Latin (lat)
actif Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Active (involving activity, motion, etc.).
actif Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
active English (eng) (gay sexual slang) (of a homosexual man) enjoying a role in anal sex in which he penetrates, rather than being penetrated by his partner.. (heading, grammar) About verbs.. (specifically, of a volcano) Being an active volcano. Compare extinct and dormant. Applied to a form of the verb; — opposed to passive. See active voice.. Applied to all verbs that express action as distinct from mere [...]

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Descendants of *agō
act action activity actor actress actual agency agent camera catch embarrassed energy engagement engine enjoy exact exam final key lights navy react reaction say
Descendants of *h₂eǵ-
grace suggest