acute etymology

English word acute comes from Proto-Indo-European *aḱ-, and later Latin acus (A needle, a pin. Bodkin.)

Detailed word origin of acute

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*aḱ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) sharp, sharp, pointed, edgy, sharp, pointed
acus Latin (lat) A needle, a pin. Bodkin.
acuere Latin (lat)
acutus Latin (lat)
acute English (eng) (botany) With the sides meeting directly to form an acute angle (at an apex or base). (geometry) Of a triangle, having all three interior angles measuring less than 90 degrees.. (geometry) Of an angle, less than 90 degrees.. (medicine) Of a short-lived condition, in contrast to a chronic condition; this sense also does not imply severity.. (medicine) Of an abnormal condition of recent or [...]

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Descendants of *aḱ-
acid are ax axe building coin cute cutie eager ear earl earring earth earthquake edge egg ere hammer r span veal we're yo you're