adays etymology

English word adays comes from Middle English a-, Middle English -s, Middle English day (Day.)

Detailed word origin of adays

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
a- Middle English (enm)
-s Middle English (enm)
day Middle English (enm) Day.
adays English (eng) (obsolete) In the daytime.. (obsolete) Nowadays; in the present time period.

Words with the same origin as adays

Descendants of a-
abe ablaze aboard abroad ace adrift ae afar afloat afoot ahold ajar akin aline amelia amid amiss arouse ashore aside asleep astern atop nowadays round
Descendants of -s
hence henceforth
Descendants of day
Alien Day Anzac Day Christmas Day D-Day LDS LDS Church Pi Day VE Day VJ Day VP Day Victoria Day dailiness daily