adenohypophysis etymology

English word adenohypophysis comes from English adeno- (Adenoid. Gland.), English hypophysis

Detailed word origin of adenohypophysis

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adeno- English (eng) Adenoid. Gland.
hypophysis English (eng) (anatomy) The pituitary gland.. (botany) The top cell of the suspensor in a dicot embryo, which will differentiate to form part of the root cap.
adenohypophysis English (eng) (anatomy) The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, producing and secreting several peptide hormones that regulate many physiological processes including stress, growth, and reproduction.

Words with the same origin as adenohypophysis

Descendants of adeno-
adenectomy adenoameloblastoma adenoassociated adenoblast adenocarcinoma adenocele adenochondroma adenocystoma adenocyte adenodynia adenoepithelial adenoepithelioma adenofibroma adenofibromyoma adenohypophyseal adenolipomatosis adenolymphocele adenolymphoma adenomyosarcoma adenopathy adenophorous adenosquamous adenotonsillar adenovector
Descendants of hypophysis
adenohypophysial hypophyseal hypophysectomy hypophysial