adenolymphocele etymology

English word adenolymphocele comes from English adeno- (Adenoid. Gland.), English lymphocele

Detailed word origin of adenolymphocele

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adeno- English (eng) Adenoid. Gland.
lymphocele English (eng) A collection of lymphatic fluid within the body, not bordered by epithelial lining; often a complication after pelvic surgery.
adenolymphocele English (eng) (pathology) cystic dilation of lymph nodes caused by an obstruction.

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Descendants of adeno-
adenectomy adenoameloblastoma adenoassociated adenoblast adenocarcinoma adenocele adenochondroma adenocystoma adenocyte adenodynia adenoepithelial adenoepithelioma adenofibroma adenofibromyoma adenohypophyseal adenohypophysis adenolipomatosis adenolymphoma adenomyosarcoma adenopathy adenophorous adenosquamous adenotonsillar adenovector