adenovector etymology

English word adenovector comes from English adeno- (Adenoid. Gland.), English vector

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adeno- English (eng) Adenoid. Gland.
vector English (eng) (aviation) A chosen course or direction for motion, as of an aircraft.. (computing, operating systems) A memory address containing the address of a code entry point, usually one which is part of a table and often one that is dereferenced and jumped to during the execution of an interrupt.. (mathematics) A directed quantity, one with both magnitude and direction; the signed difference between [...]
adenovector English (eng) Adenoviral vector.

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adenectomy adenoameloblastoma adenoassociated adenoblast adenocarcinoma adenocele adenochondroma adenocystoma adenocyte adenodynia adenoepithelial adenoepithelioma adenofibroma adenofibromyoma adenohypophyseal adenohypophysis adenolipomatosis adenolymphocele adenolymphoma adenomyosarcoma adenopathy adenophorous adenosquamous adenotonsillar
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