adipolytic etymology

English word adipolytic comes from English -lytic, English adipo- ((anatomy, medicine) fat.)

Detailed word origin of adipolytic

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-lytic English (eng) Used in adjectives relating to nouns with the suffix -lysis.
adipo- English (eng) (anatomy, medicine) fat.
adipolytic English (eng) (anatomy, medicine) Converting fat into free fatty acids, especially by the action of enzymes.

Words with the same origin as adipolytic

Descendants of -lytic
adrenolytic amidolytic biolytic cerumenolytic erythrolytic exolytic gelatinolytic glycogenolytic glycogenolytically glycolytic haemolytic homolytic karyolytic keratinolytic ligninolytic oncolytic photolytic photolytically psycholytic saccharolytic thiolytic thrombolytic urealytic zymolytic
Descendants of adipo-
adipectomy adipescent adipocellular adipocentric adipocere adipocyte adipogenesis adipogenous adipokinesis adipoma adiponecrosis adiponectin